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Telegram 6.0 adds Chat Folders to help you organize your groups and channels

Current events have put us in a situation where communication over the Internet has become a necessity. There are countless apps you can use when it comes to messaging, but one of the most popular options is Telegram. It has tons of features and gains new abilities on a regular basis. This week, #Telegram is getting Chat Folders and a few other goodies.

#Chat Folders is part of Telegram 6.0, which is rolling out to users today. The feature is pretty much what you would expect: you can group conversations into folders. You can organize your folders any way you’d like, plus there are some additional features. You can have all chats with unread messages automatically added to a folder. Folders can also have an unlimited number of pinned chats.

In the #mobile app, Chat Folders are shown in tabs that can be easily swiped between. On the desktop, folders are shown in the sidebar. Also, as you would expect, folders sync between devices, so if you create one on your phone it will appear on the desktop as well. Chat Folders will be enabled when you reach a certain number of chats, or you can manually enable it in the settings.

Rounding out Telegram 6.0, the app is getting channel statistics, new animated emojis, and a new animation when recording voice or video #messages. Statistics are available for any channel over 1,000 followers. Telegram has included some #coronavirus-themed emoji and sticker packs. One emoji they are particularly proud of is a rolling dice, which can be used as a tiebreaker in chats. The update is rolling out for all users #starting today.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free



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